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## Summary

At the time of this paper being written, computer scientists were having difficulty ensuring the processor pipeline was utilized as much as possible by modern workloads. This is due to the number of frequent branches of execution and control transfers modern workloads conducted. Chip multithreading (CMT) is a…

# Implementing Lightweight Threads

## Introduction

This paper by SunSoft describes the implementation of a lightweight threads library, the very lightweight process (LWP) concept used to multiplex user-level threads and kernel threads, preventing the user level processes from utilizing too many kernel resources.

## Threads Library Architecture

Threads are the programmer’s interface for multi-threading, implemented by a library that utilizes…

## Overview of Kernel Architecture

- Kernel threads are preemptible (OS Nucleus is preemptible n real-time)

- Kernel threads use synch primitives to support priority inversion (thread’s priority is determined by which activities it is impeding by holding locks as well as by the service it is performing)

- SunOS use kernel threads for asynch…

The awareness of your mind’s attention is itself a mystery that most don’t understand and yet it largely shapes your character more than you probably realize.

Our brain is continuously evolving which means that our perception of ourselves is malleable as a result. As we consume content, our brains form, prune, create, and update connections between neurons and regions of the brain. I’d like to focus on how attention plays a role in these processes.


Most individuals who get complications are associated with a compromised immune system. Here’s how to strengthen the immune system based on medical literature.

So what can we do? Most of the individuals that actually get complications when infected is supposedly due to two main factors based on recent data:

  1. Co-morbidities…

The more you earn, the more you get taxed. This notion seems natural to most of us. The question is, how do you determine the magnitudes?

This is the relationship between the Economic concept of marginal utility and progressive taxes

In brief, as people gain more wealth, their marginal utility for money decreases.

For example, an additional $50,000 for someone with a net worth of 10 million does not result in a large increase of positive marginal utility whereas $50,000 for someone with a net worth of 300,000 results in…

We hear about random events all the time, but often have never explored the proper definition for what it means for something to be random

Random processes:

That is something I have often pondered and read about. Diving into the question and exploring what is randomness will be worth the time. The answer to this question is how variables change the process of the outcome of an event.

If the causal factors influencing the event…

David Foster Wallace delivered a graduation speech called “This Is Water” many years ago and it is one of the best speeches I have read. He talks about how everyday adult life can quite easily fall into a structured, repetitive & bitter routine.

How we can slip into a crevice…

The components of the brain function at different rates. There are lightning-fast reflexes, concentrated analysis, rushed thoughts, imagination, meditation, intuition, and steady winding thoughts that the unconscious executes.

The notion of Insight flows around the space of the unconscious, waiting to tie connections. Sometimes we are aware of this, but…

Sample image of Economic Complexity Dynamics by Growth Lab at Harvard University
Sample image of Economic Complexity Dynamics by the Growth Lab at Harvard University

Many criticisms of Economics arises from its inaccuracy in prediction, especially catastrophic events like Recessions. I wanted to write a quick piece addressing this.


First, most people seem to think Economics is just Macroeconomics and estimating the health of the economy. Economics is much much more than that, the sub-fields…

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